Some Important Resources for ‘Theorizing the Web’

Much thanks to Nathan Jurgenson for these great resources.

1. Digital Dualism Versus Augmented Reality –A bit upset that I did not have the coinage “digital dualism” at hand for some of my previous writings on this subject.

2. Facebook Slactivism: Some perspective –My current project involves a deeper consideration and exploration of these points about the overlap or spectrum of activism/slactivism, the exchange between online and offline activism/actions, as well as the value of “awareness” as compared to “action”.

3. Twitter Isn’t a Twitterland, and that’s why it’s dangerous –The “case studies” brought up here (from Malcolm Harris’ Twitterland)  provide an excellent methodological example for online inquiries. This sort of  deep anecdotal analysis seems very powerful, especially if it can be brought into conversation with other kinds of sociological/anthropological evidence.

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