Don’t hate the dual-screen

We've all done it - the knee-jerk judgement passed on the person starting intensely at their phone at dinner, at a movie, among friends. And certainly, it is true that a substantial amount of our mobile activity is inessential at best, a waste of life's precious minutes at worst. But too often these screens are … Continue reading Don’t hate the dual-screen

“MRW”: Remix Culture and the Reaction Gif

This post originally appeared on the gnovis website. The remix is a subject of growing concern and intellectual debate in the past few decades. It has gone from a relatively circumscribed musical practice to an essential element of our entire creative culture, with notable examples including everything from Grumpy Cat to Warhol’s screen prints. As … Continue reading “MRW”: Remix Culture and the Reaction Gif

Beacons: New, but Not yet Disruptive

“iBeacon” is a new technology currently in the throes of the same questionable phase of adoption and experimentation as products like Google Glass, Nest, and many other technologies in the IoT/context-aware/augmented reality department. The iBeacon is interesting because it has a relatively low barrier to entry, it is a simple enhancement on existing location services … Continue reading Beacons: New, but Not yet Disruptive