New Media Practices and the 2012 Presidential Elections

The past few posts I have written all belong to a collection of case studies about new media practices and the 2012 elections. I want to collect them all here, and briefly reflect on what these case studies might mean overall for democratic engagement and participation. #MocktheVote Practices of political news consumption and production on … Continue reading New Media Practices and the 2012 Presidential Elections

Hashtag Revolution

The following is the first part of a lengthy consideration of the idea of the Hashtag Revolution as a model for a social/political movement. This section considers mainly the Occupy movement, and the next section considers the relevance of the concept of the hashtag revolution to the presidential elections. The hashtag revolution or hashtag revolt is … Continue reading Hashtag Revolution

Anthropology and Film

A few suggestions for your anthropology-related entertainment: Life in A Day, a crowdsourced documentary depicting life on July 24th, 2010.  It is available for instant play on Netflix (and note how many reviewers give harsh reviews for the graphic content this film contains. I think this goes to show just how little people know or … Continue reading Anthropology and Film