OCCUPY. By Photojournalist/Protestor Joseph Boisvert.

My good friend Joseph Boisvert took the following series of photos at Occupy Wallstreet and Occupy Chicago early this year. He is an amazing amateur photo-journalist, check out more of his photography on his Flickr. Artist Statement: Over the last semester I found myself (along with many other artists, students, and activists) drawn to the … Continue reading OCCUPY. By Photojournalist/Protestor Joseph Boisvert.

Anthropology and Film

A few suggestions for your anthropology-related entertainment: Life in A Day, a crowdsourced documentary depicting life on July 24th, 2010.  It is available for instant play on Netflix (and note how many reviewers give harsh reviews for the graphic content this film contains. I think this goes to show just how little people know or … Continue reading Anthropology and Film