November 2021 – Completed CRLT’s 2-week asynchronous workshop, “Teaching for Accessibility”

October 2021 – Participated in the CSCW ’21 workshop, “The Future of Care Work: Towards a Radical Politics of Care in CSCW Research and Practice”

September 2021 – Presented as part of the panel, “Theorizing Care & The Digital” at SLSA (Society for Literature, Science & The Arts) 2021

Summer 2021 – Graduate Student Instructor for Masters of Applied Data Science (MADS) Courses, SIADS 601, Qualitative Inquiry for Data Scientists and SIADS 503, Data Science Ethics

May 2021 – Accepted to and completed the 2-week “Institute for Social Change” program at U of M

May 2021 – Participated in the CHI ’21 workshop, “This Seems to Work

October 2020 – Participated in the CSCW ’20 workshop, “Collective Organizing and Social Responsibility

Fall 2020 (ongoing) – Began co-organizing the UMSI reading group on Race & Technology for PhD students and faculty

Fall 2020 – Graduate Student Instructor for SI 503 – Contextual Inquiry and Consulting Foundations

August 2020 – Participated in the EASST + 4S ’20 workshop, “Student Section of the Society for Social Studies of Science (6S)

April 2020 – Elected by the UMSI PhD student body to the 2020-2021 Doctoral Executive Committee (DEC)

February 2020 – Attended STS Futures Symposium at York University, Toronto

October 2019 – My colleague Becky Williamson presented our paper, “Methodological modifications when testing machine learning enabled products: A preliminary framework” at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 2019 Annual Meeting in Seattle

August 2019 – Moved from Queens, NY to begin my PhD in Ann Arbor