Its a Girl!

And so another site is born. Currently working on getting material together for my first few posts- at first it’s probably going to be mostly upcycled things I wrote for classes, but still good material, just need a little polishing…

My idea for this blog is to force myself to write in a more “journalistic” fashion about the things I write about in class. It is very important to me that even my wordy, philosophical ideas be in some way translatable into the “Real World”- and I hope that this blog will help me with that process of translation.

Initially I hoped to make this blog dedicated entirely to anthropological writings; but that seems a little silly as my favorite part about anthropology is it’s extremely fluid and cross-disciplinary nature…so while I hope to bring most things back around to a sort of anthropocentric idea, you can be sure that some of these posts may be a little more philosophical, a little more personal, a little bit more of everything!

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