I am a student of life and culture interested in the ways that technology is upending the core elements of what makes us human: how we think, how we perceive, and how we interact with one another. As an undergraduate I majored in philosophy and anthropology, leveraging ethnographic and phenomenological research methods to capture and understand human experience in all its rich complexity. These ideas and methods form the foundation of my current research in Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience.

Although I approach these ideas from a rigorous and academically-informed perspective, ultimately I’m interested in translating these results back into the “real world”. In-depth qualitative research methods are powerful tools for creating stories, experiences and products that complement and enhance the richness of lived human experience.

You can also find me on Twitter and Linkedin.

A PDF of my most recent portfolio can be found here: linda-huber-portfolio

12096414_10205655770250462_7967903658971687224_nNota Bene: Puella Ludens means “playing girl” in Latin. The phrase is a reference to Huizinga’s “homo ludens“, referring to the essential role of play in the formation of human culture. I believe that the spirit of play is essential to humanity, and that this apparently purposeless activity is actually the heart of human progress. Our ability to play, to innovate, to imagine, to enjoy, and to invest ourselves wholeheartedly in something entirely for its own sake is the key to our future.

This site is dedicated to an anthropological and technological exploration of homo ludens and his progress.


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