Scaling therapy: stories of platform therapy workers

In the summer of 2020, I conducted semi-structured interviews with 25 therapists working as contractors for online therapy platforms about how and why they started working for teletherapy platforms and the overall impact of platformization on their career and therapy/labor practices.


“Women Who Go”: Creating diversity in programming communities

In this project, my colleague Anubha Singh and I researched a grassroots, transnational community of women programmers dedicated to the programming language “Go”. This community provides an opportunity to explore diversity in tech from the perspective of established, professional women programmers independently organizing spaces for themselves.

Through this project we sought to explore issues such as:

  • How do the impacted communities understand marginalization, inclusivity and diversity?
  • What specific measures do these women take to enact and create diversity and inclusion?
  • How do different elements of the larger Go community – e.g., the Google employees who are the “benevolent dictators” of this open source language, the non-profit organization that finances WWG, and the majority community of white male programmers – understand and enact diversity within the community?
  • What specific aspects of the Go community and programming language lend themselves to diversity and inclusion?

We explored these questions through participant observation, interviews and discourse analysis around the Go and Women Who Go community conducted over a period of two months. 


WORK IN PROGRESS – Webcam Covering Practices

I’m currently working on a project interviewing people who cover their laptop webcams. I am hoping to learn more about what prompts people to start covering their webcam, what kind of suspicions they harbor about their webcam and how it might be used for malicious purposes, and what other digital privacy and security practices they do or don’t engage in.


Master’s Thesis – UX Research for EdTech Innovation at Georgetown

For my master’s thesis I designed a user experience research project investigating how Georgetown undergrads use technology in their learning. Over the course of the semester, I conducted interviews and focus group sessions with students in order to learn about their learning goals, study and learning behaviors and habits, and to identify characteristics of their most meaningful learning experiences. I used these findings to develop a set of concrete recommendations for faculty, staff and administrators on how to improve the student learning experience through technology.


Thesis Presentation.jpg


LinkNYC Field Research

In Fall 2016 I took to the streets of New York City to learn more about the recently installed LinkNYC wifi kiosks and how they were being used. I published a short article about my research on Motherboard. I was also requested to write a follow-up piece after the city shut down browsing capabilities on all terminals on the same day that my original piece was published.


Browser Diary Study

In Fall 2015 I completed an experimental data analysis project looking at users’ browsing behaviors. For this project I designed a unique research method leveraging diary-style screen recordings of users’ browser behaviors that was then qualitatively coded and statistically analyzed to find variations in browsing behavior depending on task and user.

(Full project description and written report.)


Georgetown Media Fest Founder and Organizer

Media Fest is a student-organized event showcasing the creative work of Georgetown graduate students. Featuring mixed media and live performances, this event provides an opportunity for students to share their ideas about society, technology and creativity through made items and designed experiences.

Car Barn Labs Co-Founder and Organizer

While in graduate school, my collaborator Jaime González-Capitel Martorel and I organized workshop series led by and for students in the Communications, Culture and Technology program. The Car Barn Labs workshops focused on technological skills ranging from media production, coding languages, Adobe Suite and creative practices like making your own gif from scratch and experimenting with 3D printing.


Foresight Project: The Future of Smart Cities

In Fall 2016 I conducted a miniature foresight project looking into smart cities, highlighting key drivers and describing three horizons for the potential future of the smart city.


smart cities presentation (1).jpg

Because Kale

Making food is an art, a science, a way to save money and be healthier, one of the cornerstones of human life throughout history and around the world, and a great way to spend time with loved ones. I maintain a food blog with my dear friend and fellow broke grad student Megan Buchheit on Instagram at @because.kale.

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